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Gun Range-Restaurant Quickly Reopens After Shooting

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Photo: Arizona Last Stop

Bullets and Burgers, the outdoor shooting range and restaurant in Arizona has reopened very shortly after a fatal accident. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, an instructor was accidentally shot and killed by his 9-year-old student on Monday. The young girl was learning how to shoot an Uzi. The restaurant and gun range was back open for business on Wednesday. True to its name, the range's restaurant, Arizona Last Stop, does indeed serve a variety of burgers plus beer and snacks.

Shooting ranges with a restaurant component are surprisingly common: Dallas is home to the Frisco Gun club which features an indoor luxury gun range and a "lavish private restaurant." In New York City there is an Italian restaurant with a paneled shooting range in the basement, and Wilshire Gun Range in Oklahoma City has an onsite cafe and somehow received a liquor license.

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Burgers and Bullets

20606 U.S. 93, White Hills, AZ 86445