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Step Inside the Sriracha Factory During Chili Season

Photo: Euno Lee/Eater LA

The previously embattled Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory in Irwindale, California kicked off its 2014 Chili Grinding Season on Friday with walking tours of the facility, and Eater LA takes a look inside. The tours were self-directed and guests encountered "truckloads of chili" that were being stored, cleaned, and ground.

The factory also features state-of-the-art robots that help make the hot sauce. Huy Fong Foods' CEO David Tran was also on hand to greet visitors (who received free t-shirts). As for the smell that once got the company into trouble with the city council? It's apparently not that bad.

Head over to Eater LA for a look inside.>>>

Huy Fong Foods

4800 Azusa Canyon Road Irwindale, CA 91706