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How to Win a 'Lifetime' Supply of Food from Taco Bell

Photo: Taco Bell/Facebook

Taco Bell has launched a contest where up to 11 people could win a lifetime supply of waffle tacos and Crunchwrap Supremes. According to Taco Bell's promotional website, in celebration of its new dollar menu, the chain released "11 unique dollar bills in 11 U.S. cities." Taco Bell will soon release each city's serial number across 11 consecutive days.

The contest's website notes that if a participant finds one of the dollar bills, they win a $10,000 gift card (based on consuming $216 worth of Taco Bell each year for 46 years) which Taco Bell believes is somehow enough to last a lifetime. Then again, if you subsist on a diet of Doritos Locos tacos, your lifetime will probably be quite short. The website estimates that the chances of someone winning are one in 2.4 billion. So far the chain has only released the dollar bill serial number for Los Angeles and the contest runs until October 5. Go, watch a video about the contest below:

Video: Here Come the Everlasting Dollars

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