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Fieri, Besh, & More Chefs Open New Restaurants Inside the Horseshoe Casino

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Photo: Horseshoe Casino/Facebook,

Baltimore's Horseshoe Casino, which features restaurants from many celebrity chefs, drew a huge crowd when it opened last night. According to WJLA, lines to enter the $442 million facility were around the block "and packed into the parking garage." Of course, kewl kulinary dude Guy Fieri was on hand to celebrate his newest restaurant Guy Fieri's Baltimore Kitchen & Bar. The 350-seat temple to absurdly named menu items offers everything from his famed Tatted-Up Turkey Burger to something called Guy-Crab Dippers, that sound less like an appetizer and more like an STD. Fieri expressed his excitement to CBS in incomplete sentences, "Huge bar, open kitchen. All this energy happening. To be part of it, mind-blowing."

The casino is also home to Johnny Sanchez, the highly anticipated restaurant collaboration between chefs John Besh and Aaron Sanchez. This past June, Besh described the restaurant to Eater as a place that serves "whimsical farm-to-table tacos and fun, casual Mexican food." There's also a tequila bar. A single taco on the menu goes for anywhere between $4.50 and $7.50. There's also a large selection of tostadas, including one topped with fried oysters and green onion remoulade. Pastry chef Duff Goldman has a partnership with the casino, and his bakery Charm City Cakes is the "exclusive cake provider" for the casino's special events. Check out photos of the casino's opening night below:

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Horseshoe Casino

1525 Russell St, Baltimore, MD 21230