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Yelpers Defend Restaurant in Wake of Bacon Backlash

After a restaurant in Vermont received some serious backlash for deciding to take down a bacon advertisement, customers have taken to its Yelp page to show their support. According to the Burlington Free Press, Sneakers Bistro and Cafe removed a sign that read "Yield for Sneakers Bacon" from one of the city's main crosswalks after a woman — self described as "a vegan and a member of a Muslim household" — called the sign offensive. Marc Dysinger, the restaurant's owner, said that the "sign was meant to be fun" but apologized for it. Dysinger noted on the restaurant's (now deleted) Facebook page that he removed the sign as a "gesture of respect for our diverse community" but that the restaurant "still love[s] bacon."

Facebook pages have since popped up "in opposition" to the restaurant's decision to remove the sign. Many were filled with racist, xenophobic, and negative comments such as: "None of us should let these Muslims change what we are. Pretty soon we will be like England, they are bending over backwards to please them!" Other Facebook users added comments like, "If a western staple like bacon is offensive to these people, let them go back where they came from," and "this is a perfect example of Muslims infringing on your first amendment right of Freedom of Speech. If they don't like it MOVE THE HELL SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Many also took to Yelp to post negative one star reviews. However, in an interesting turn, others have used the restaurant's page to support its decision by flooding it with five star reviews and comments like: "Yelp is about the food, atmosphere and service. And you guys do a great job at all levels. Don't succumb to the idiots who use Yelp to address their political opinions."

This isn't the first time people have used Yelp to express their opinions about the actions of a restaurant owner. Earlier this year when a restaurant in Texas banned a gay couple, its Yelp page was pummeled with fake negative reviews. Yelpers have also vented their frustration at a homophobic restaurant owner in Oklahoma by leaving prank reviews calling it the "best gay club." Check out some of the positive yelp reviews below:

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