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Roy Choi & Daniel Patterson to Open Fast Food Concept

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Chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi on stage at MAD
Chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi on stage at MAD
Photo: Amy McKeever

At this year's MAD symposium, Los Angeles-based chef Roy Choi (Kogi, POT, Commissary) and San Francisco-based Daniel Patterson (Coi) announced that were going into the fast food business together. Their new concept, which is still under development, is named loco'l — which means both local and crazy — and the first location will open in San Francisco in 2015. Locations — "Like a million," says Patterson — in Los Angeles and across the U.S. will follow.

Choi says the concept was inspired by the energy at "skate parks." He'll front the operation, while Patterson will do a lot of the recipe testing and organize back-of-house operations. Patterson has already developed the burger patty, which was cut with grain to make it more affordable. Chad Robertson of San Francisco's Tartine Bakery has created a recipe for a burger bun that's nutritious, whole-grain, and made from 20 percent rice. When he was asked how you start up a concept like this, Choi said, "How do you start? Fuck it man, you just start." Go check out a photo of Patterson serving samples of his new loco'l burgers to MAD attendees:

Yesterday, Roy Choi told ISSF, "We want to go toe to toe with fast food chains and offer the community a choice." Menu items at loco'l will not exceed a $6 price point, put it at the same level as national fast food chains. ISSF confirms that the food will be made by chefs on site at each location and that the food will be "well-sourced" and "seasonal."

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