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Dinner for Two at Next Will Cost Over $1,000

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Tickets for new Trio menu at the ever-changing Next in Chicago are now on sale and it might be the restaurant's most expensive yet. Chef Grant Achatz and executive chef Dave Beran will be serving a menu that harkens back to Achatz's days at Trio, a restaurant in Evanston, Ill. where he first made his name. While there aren't many details regarding the exact menu just yet, the website reveals that it will feature cocktails and non-alcoholic drink pairings made by Next's sister bar the Aviary.

Achatz told Eater in June that the Trio menu "looks just like 14 years ago" except improved thanks to modern tools: "We didn't even have liquid nitrogen at Trio. So now it's like, we can showcase the best of Trio by improving on it with chef Beran and making it [a] representation of 2001 through 2004 but doing it in a way that everybody feels comfortable with." A video of Achtaz (below) during his time at Trio reveals that menu items once included dishes like "chilled English pea soup, served in a cylinder with a cube of eucalyptus sorbet," and "orange rind scallop vapor." There was even a pizza-like dish that dissolves on the tongue made of made of potato paper, dehydrated mozzarella, tomato powder, and fennel pollen. It apparently tasted like pepperoni.

Tickets are selling out quite fast for the spendy Trio menu. Dinner for two at 5:45 p.m. on a Sunday with drink pairings runs upwards of $1,000. Try and make that same reservation for 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday and you'll end up paying $1,042.24. For comparison, the elBulli menu at Next was priced at $946 per couple. Though, if drinks aren't your thing, it's possible to pay $676.26 for two if you stick with the (free) "water pairing." Go, watch an old school video of Achatz in action at Trio and see more screenshots of the ticket prices below:

Video: Into the Fire, Trio Restaurant



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