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Did Taco Bell Force Employees to Use Fake Money?

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the operators of two Taco Bells in New York City for allegedly "forcing underage workers" to give customers fake $20 bills as change. According to the New York Post, Annette Cirino filed the lawsuit on behalf of her 17-year-old daughter who claims she was "manipulated" into distributing the counterfeit money — described as "terrible copies" smaller than an actual $20 bills — while working at both locations this Summer. The teenager's managers apparently "falsely" told her that she had "accidentally accepted" two phony $20 bills from customers and used that force her into participating in their scheme.

The teenager was ordered by the Monopoly money-printing bosses to pay it back, either from her own money, or by giving the "bogus cash to unsuspecting customers as change." She was asked to continue to give customers fake bills for two more weeks. When she refused to continue, she claims she was called into a meeting where "four bullying supervisors" told her that undercover detectives from the NYPD were there to arrest her. Smartly, the teenager had been taping the meeting secretly and had previously recorded a conversation where she was asked to distribute fake bills and went straight to the police. Her family is now suing for $5 million (real) dollars. That's essentially a lifetime supply of bougie lobster tacos and Cinnabon delights.

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