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The Best Local Restaurant Commercials of All Time

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Yesterday, we brought you The Greatest Restaurant Video of All Time for Troy, Staten Island's finest (and probably only) theme restaurant — and one that eschews refrigeration entirely. We learned from a tipster that the restaurant's spokesperson also appears in the equally moving TV spot for National Restaurant at Brighton Beach.

Once we finished re-watching the commercial for the West Village restaurant The Place, and the dope remix Eater made back in 2011, all of this televised opulence had us longing for more. Thus, we've compiled the eight best local restaurant commercials of all time:

Hybrid donut shop/teriyaki spot/laundromat, aptly named King Donut Teriyaki Laundry, has got everything you need, unless what you need is to not be folding your laundry next to someone eating a spicy beef bowl (via reddit).

This commercial for David's Pizza is the sexiest pizza commercial you'll ever watch.

Except for this one for Leonardo's Pizza (there's a featured female vocalist at the end that puts any Drake/RiRi collab to shame).

Mr. Spriggs of Mr. Spriggs BBQ missed his calling (via LAist).

The sinister events which transpire in this ad for Grandville Artisan Farmer's Market commercial warn us that we should all be paying more attention to rural British Columbia.

Mexican fast food restaurant El Pollo Yon's commercial is so visually striking that you don't need to be bilingual to understand the caliber of this pollo.

A fearless takedown on the modern medicalization of pregnancy, courtesy of Jamocha's

This commercial for Souvlaki Hut asserts that one needs no mechanism for human speech when you have opposable thumbs, a bouzouki, and a souvlaki.