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Chick-fil-A Is Finally Testing Chicken and Waffles

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Photo: courtesy Chick-fil-A

Whoa guys, hold on to your seats because Chick-fil-A is is testing the revolutionary concept of chicken and waffles. Yes, that's right, the chicken chain is finally offering one of the most classic ways to serve deep-fried poultry. According to a rep, locations in central Georgia, Memphis, Tennessee, Philadelphia, and Inland Empire, California are currently offering the dish. Chick-fil-A's chicken and waffles are made with a "breakfast portion" of a seasoned and boneless chicken breast that is served with honey and a maple-syrup flavored waffle.

The chicken and waffle breakfast joins several other new breakfast items in the current "test" phase: Greek yogurt parfait, pull-apart cinnamon swirls, and stand-alone Belgian-like waffles are also on the menu. A spokesperson for the chicken chain tells Businessweek that "it's too early to tell" whether or not the chain would roll out the chicken and waffles nationally, but a rep says more information should be available in two months. Chick-fil-A has been looking to step up its menu game in recently: Earlier this month the chain announced that it is now slinging "specialty-grade' coffee from "socially responsible" beans.

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