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Amsterdam's Solo Diner Pop-Up Eyeing UK Restaurant

Photo: Eenmaal/Facebook

Are Londoners the loneliest diners of all? Amsterdam's pop-up restaurant Eenmaal, which encourages solo dining by only offering tables for one, might open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in London. Founder Marina van Goor tells Big Hospitality that while organizing her previously announced pop-up series in London, the amount of "positive feedback" suggests the city may be the perfect place to put down permanent roots. "I would love to start a permanent venue in London if I find the right collaboration and investors to do so," van Goor says. "I am sure it will work in London."

In April, van Goor (who is not a restaurateur) told Businessweek that she was bringing the concept to London, Berlin, and the United States in an effort to "demonstrate that eating in solitude can be a good thing." BigHospitality suggests that UK diners are doing so in full force, with "74 percent" of residents in the southern UK reporting that they've dined solo in the past month.

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