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Crumbs Will Reopen After Emerging from Bankrupcy

Photo: mr_t_in_dc/Flickr

Businessman Marcus Lemonis has won his $6.5 million bid for bankrupt purveyor of giant cupcakes Crumbs Bakeshop. According to Eater NY, no one challenged Lemonis' offer. The New York Post writes that this means the failed chain will "be pulled out of bankruptcy" on August 26.

As Lemonais previously announced, when he reopens the currently shuttered Crumbs retail shops they no longer be just cupcake shops, but instead a "sweet and snack destination." This means that alongside cupcakes, the store will also sell items like Doc Popcorn, Mr. Green Tea, a "host of gluten-free baked goods," and possibly even Dippin' Dots. There is still no word on when the stores will reopen.

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