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15 Bonkers Japanese Food Commercials Featuring Hollywood Celebrities

When American celebrities are looking to make a few extra bucks, fast, they'll turn to their agents who will then turn to the bustling Japanese food and energy drink business. Watch 15 of Hollywood's biggest names sing, dance, and sometimes eat insane amounts of yogurt in these commercials:

Although Britney Spears's bodyguard can avert his male gaze when faced with the pop star's G-rated dancing on a private jet, he simply can't help but enjoy a miniature Suki gummy candy when it's offered to him.

We hope Sean Connery waited at least 30 minutes to swim in his infinity pool after eating yogurt outdoors in the summer in a plush terry robe.

In this Sylvester Stallone commercial for beef, the director cuts directly from a shot of Stallone riding a bike to a shot of dozens of sausages spinning in the air, and it still makes a lot more sense than the plot of Expendables 3.

Scarlett Johansson drinks Mt. Rainier Double Espresso out of a tiny straw (probably not to smudge those frosted lips).

Beyoncé, supreme goddess of all elements, dances in water in this Crystal Geyser commercial and manages to stay completely dry.

Unlike some American celebrities shilling for Japanese food products, James Brown does whatever the opposite is of "phoning it in" for Nissin miso soup.

With the signature intensity of a secret agent with a limited amount of time to save the world, Kiefer Sutherland gulps down Japanese energy supplement Calorie Mate.

Madonna asks, "How can I be pure?" but perhaps doesn't get the answers she's looking for in this commercial for Takara, a Japanese soft drink.

Steven Seagal does what he does best (namely, takes a breather during a high stakes car chase) in this commercial for Dynamic energy drink.

Sean Connery provides the basis for Lost in Translation's most cringey scene in this ad for Suntory Crest Whiskey.

Jean-Claude Van Damme undergoes the #bucketchallenge to raise awareness for Black Black chewing gum. [Via First We Feast]

John Travolta is a great dancer and an even better sipper in this ad for Tokyo Drink.

Paul Newman's solution for a dinner party mishap is not to help, but to request instant Maxwell House coffee. [Via Cracked]

Orson Welles "tries for perfection" in this ad for G&G Whiskey, though as these hilarious outtakes from a different Wellesian liquor commercial prove, practice makes perfect.

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