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British Chef Sets World Record for Longest Cooking Demo

Kyle at a demo in early 2014.
Kyle at a demo in early 2014.
Photo: Facebook

British chef Gareth Kyle "cooked non-stop" for 41 hours to set the World Record for the longest non-stop cooking demonstration in history (pending Guinness' final approval). According to the BBC, Kyle did not sleep over the course of the two-day challenge, though he was able to bank time from mandated five-minute breaks to rest one hour for every 12 hours he spent standing. The Chronicle, which visited Kyle's demonstration when he was nine hours in on Friday, reported that the chef started the day baking fresh bread and cooking up eggs for breakfast, following with a menu of duck leg confit.

As part of the Guinness World Record rules, the food cooked during the demonstration had to be consumed to qualify: Over the course of 41 hours, Kyle cooked more than 100 dishes served to the Eat! festival crowds and donated to homeless charity the People's Kitchen.

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