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Patrons in Uproar Over Restaurant That Claims Diners Aren't Spending Enough Money

Freestyle Trout
Freestyle Trout
Photo: Facebook

A restaurant in Australia is demanding that patrons stop sharing plates and order more to drink than just tap water. According to Mashable, Martin Duncan, the owner of Freestyle Tout in Brisbane believes that many of his customers are "inconsiderate" and are "costing him too much." Duncan took to his restaurant's Facebook page to declare his stance: "Sorry to put it plainly but large groups not eating or drinking does not pay our rent or the wages of our fabulous staff. If you must share please purchase a drink."

Comments in response to the post are mixed, but are mainly against Duncan's stance. Says Grant Weaver: "What a joke. Not everyone in a group always feel like dessert! Do they have to wait outside? You are very lucky to have the patronage you do and I find this totally ridiculous and rude! I say Boycott!" Another patron, Scott Hay, predicts the restaurants eventual demise: "Beginning of the end for freestyle I think..."

Duncan tells the Courier Mail that he doesn't "want to offend anyone" but that the restaurant can't survive if people use it as a "meeting place" to just grab a few coffees and split some desserts. Freestyle Tout however, calls itself a "dessert restaurant" on its Facebook page. Duncan clarified on the Facebook post that his first post was mainly directed at groups of eight to 20. He adds that this is a "common gripe across the restaurant industry."

Restaurateurs have come under fire lately for asking customers and employees to shoulder their cost burden. One eatery in Minnesota started adding a "minimum wage fee" of $.35 to each bill to help cover the costs of a state-sanctioned wage increase and a restaurant group in Minnesota is also charging servers the credit card fee if the diner chooses to pay that way.

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Freestyle Tout

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