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Five Guys Is Slowly but Surely Rolling Out Milkshakes

Photos: Shutterstock, houseofhall/Flickr

Five Guys is now officially testing milkshakes at about 25 locations. According to Burger Business, the burger chain started experimenting with milkshakes at a handful of outlets back in April but now it has launched an official marketing campaign: Diners are encouraged to try the new product and then post a photo of the shake on social media with the ever-so-creative hashtag #ShareYourShake. Five Guys' website notes that diners can pick between 10 different shake mix-in options including bacon, chocolate, Oreos, banana, coffee, and salted caramel. Burger Business writes that "customers can add as many of these mix-ins as desired" to the vanilla shake base.

The milkshakes are currently available at 14 locations in New York, five in New Jersey, three in Virginia, and one store in North Carolina. While a bacon-banana-coffee-cherry-chocolate-Oreo milkshake doesn't sound all that appetizing, it's definitely better than the mango moscato milkshake Red Robin tragically unleashed upon the world earlier this year.

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