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Journalists Arrested at McDonald's in Ferguson, Missouri

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Two journalists covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri say that they were arrested inside a local McDonald's. They were later released. Citizens are protesting Saturday's police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old boy named Michael Brown. According to CNN, Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post, and Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post tweeted that they had been arrested "while they were doing work" inside of the McDonald's and were released about 45 minutes later without being charged.

Reilly explained on Twitter that he and Lowery had been arrested "for 'not packing their bags quick enough'" when police were shutting down the McDonald's. Reilly wrote in a Facebook post about the incident that a police officer dressed "in full riot gear" had "purposefully banged my head against the window on the way out and sarcastically apologized." Lowery — who managed to record part of his interaction with the police — published his account on the Washington Post where he notes that officers slammed him "into a soda machine, at one point setting off the Coke dispenser." Gawker writes that the Ferguson police chief told journalist Matt Pearce that the arresting officer was "probably somebody who didn't know better." Check out tweets and a video of the incident below:

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