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Pabst Is Bringing Back Ballantine India Pale Ale

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Beer maker Pabst is resurrecting Ballantine India Pale Ale. According to USA Today, the IPA was first brewed at Ballantine Brewing Company in Newark, New Jersey in 1878. The original recipe was "phased out" in the 1970s "as big-brand lagers overwhelmed the market place." There was a watered-down version that will still available until the mid '90s before that disappeared as well.

The original recipe no longer exists and so Pabst master brewer Greg Deuhs had to rely on "analytic reports from as far back as the '30s" and "historical accounts of the beer and beer lovers' remembrances" to re-create the IPA. After about two years of testing, Deuhs managed to create a recipe that uses eight different hops, four kinds of malts, hop oil, and oak chips. Customers can grab either six packs or 750-milliliter bottles in stores starting next month.

Old school beer appears to be making a comeback: Earlier this Summer, Narragansett Beer reissued its 1975 can design that appeared in Jaws to celebrate the film's 39th anniversary.

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