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M&M's World Shanghai Goes Wild With Chinese Clichés

Shanghai, China now has its very own M&M's World, a staple of Times Square in New York City. According to a press release, the store is a 1,600-square-meter space designed to be a "retail-tainment" destination. The two-floor store sells M&Ms in 22 colors and in three varieties alongside M&M's-branded mugs, shirts, and tins designed specifically for the store.

The Shanghai location also features a "Great Wall of Chocolate" which is pretty obviously the "world's largest M&Ms candy wall." The press release notes that the "store combines iconic Chinese landmarks and cultural elements" which apparently means tons of kitschy clichés: Besides the Great Wall of Chocolate, there's a statue of a yellow M&M dressed as a panda. There's also M&Ms dressed as terra cotta warriors. Best of all, the store also has large M&M's dressed as what the press release calls "Kung Fu characters." Go, check out photos below:

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