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OpenTable Launches Mobile Payment App in NYC

Photo: OpenTable

Restaurant reservations website OpenTable has officially launched a new payment feature on its mobile app that works at over 45 restaurants in New York City. According to Eater NY, the feature allows diners to pay their bill — including tip — on their phone without a server having to drop off the check. OpenTable's website notes that all customers have to do is make a reservation at a participating restaurants — the list includes the likes of Lafayette, Pearl and Ash, and Le Cirque — and then open the app when they're ready to pay.

Diners can view their bill "in real time" and choose a tip amount. OpenTable will then send customers a receipt via email. Currently, the app does not allow bill splitting, but a rep tells Eater NY that the function will probably be added "down the pipe." The payment app was first tested out in San Francisco this past February and a post on OpenTable's blog notes that the company aims to launch the feature in 20 cities by the end of this year.

There has been a slew of new apps attempting to ease the process of paying the check. Payment app Cover recently raised $5.5 million in a round of funding earlier this year. The app also allows users to pay for meals without having a server drop off a bill or swipe credit cards. Cover, however, also allows users to split the bill evenly among everyone in a dining party, and it is currently partnered with over 100 restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. Similar to Cover is a new app called Settle, which also allows users to order, tip, and pay from their phones. Settle, however, is hoping to dominate in markets overseas.

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