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Charlie Trotter Day Declared: August 17

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Photo: Charlie Trotter, The Trotter Project

Chicago and the state of Illinois has proclaimed August 17 Charlie Trotter Day. The Chicago Sun-Times writes that Charlie Trotter Day was formally announced at the American Culinary Federation's national convention that took place this past weekend. According to a Facebook post from The Trotter Projecta nonprofit created by chefs who worked under legendary Chicago chef Charlie Trotter to honor him — the day is to mark the anniversary "of the opening of Charlie Trotter's restaurant."

The Trotter Foundation is asking that on August 16 and 17, chefs across America create a "single dish to feature" on their menu that is "inspired by" one of Trotter's cookbooks and donate the proceeds to The Trotter Project. The nonprofit announced in June that it plans to turn Trotter's vacant namesake restaurant into a space to help students develop skills for jobs in the culinary and hospitality industries. Trotter passed away this past November.

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