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Former Employee Sues Taco Bell for Alleged Discrimination Against Hispanics

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A former Taco Bell manager is suing the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain for firing her because she hired Latino employees. According to Courthouse News, Juanita O'Connell, who is Mexican-American herself, claims a superior told her, "Didn't I tell you not to hire Hispanics?" after they saw a Latino employee at the Indianapolis Taco Bell she manages. The Huffington Post notes that O'Connell was fired two weeks later for violating "the Manager code" and allegedly for hiring an "undocumented worker." O'Connell had been working at Taco Bell since 1987 and is now suing for back pay and damages.

A spokesperson for the chain tells the Huffington Post that "while we haven't been served with the complaint, these are very serious allegations and if true, are not a reflection of our culture or standards" and that the company has "launched an investigation into the facts." Taco Bell also faced a lawsuit last year from a prisoner who claimed the chain's ultra-popular Doritos Locos tacos were his idea. The courts eventually dismissed the case.

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