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Beware: Guy Fieri's Vegas Breakfast Menu Is on the Loose

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As promised, style icon and kulinary kool dude Guy Fieri has officially unleashed a breakfast menu upon Las Vegas: According to Eater Vegas, breakfast at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Grill is loaded with plenty of "global fusion" dishes. Ever the gastronomic Shakespeare, Fieri hopes to shove items like Dragon's Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict and Old Skool Chocolate Milk ("served alongside a chocolate syrup shooter") down the throats of unsuspecting diners. Sadly, the menu is not as ripe with "guy-isms" as one would hope (he should have used Eater's handy Flavortown dish generator), but there are plenty of items only the world's favorite human lava lamp could even dream possible.

Those with a sweet tooth can order a "pot pie" made from shortbread pancakes stuffed with berries. There's also a full create-your-own Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary that includes up to five garnishes, including unexpected items like pineapples and cucumbers. Just in case you don't believe in drinking your super garnished Bloody Mary out of a glass, there's always the option to have it casually served to you out of a 52-ounce punch bowl. Though, perhaps the most unexpected item on the menu is one you'd easily expect at a higher-end restaurant: Stumptown Coffee, which Fieri is even offering cold-brewed. Head over to Eater Vegas to see the full menu with prices and check out some photos below:

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Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar

3535 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV

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