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Olive Garden Hopes New 'Distinctive Decor' Will Make it Cool Again

Hip new Olive Garden.
Hip new Olive Garden.
All photos courtesy of Darden

Olive Garden continues its charge to become the hippest pasta peddlers around. The chain announced that it will continue its ongoing "brand renaissance" and unveiled the "updated design" for the 75 restaurants it plans to remodel during the next year. Alongside the use of fresher colors, cleaner lines, and wheel-less chairs, the plans also include the removal of walls "to create a more open and inviting atmosphere" (in which to gorge on unlimited breadsticks), flexible seating to help accommodate large parties, and a more "modern" lobby and bar area. There will also be "distinctive decor in each dining area for a more homelike feel," because nothing screams home sweet home like "distinctive decor."

The chain is also attempting to woo all those internet-obsessed millennials through a "redesigned web experience." For those who want to avoid the new "distinctive decor" Olive Garden has launched a "To Go" service where customers can order meals through the restaurant's website for pick-up at locations nationwide.

Earlier this year, Olive Garden also introduced a new updated logo as part of its ongoing "Brand Renaissance." Even the menu is no longer plates of microwaved fettucine alfredo. The chain unleashed a small plates menu featuring dishes like fried risotto balls and not-authentic-but-totally-trendy hummus. The world should brace for even more changes: A couple months ago, the chain revealed that it is testing ingredients "more often found at hipper joints" like kale, capers, and "pistachio-crusted truffles." See more pictures of the redesign and new logo below:



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