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Nat Geo to Debut Three New Food Shows

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National Geographic Channel is launching three new food-centric shows this year. First up is Eric Greenspan is Hungry, which, according to the press release, follows chef Eric Greenspan and writer Captain Mauzner "on the meatiest road trip" across America. The pair will chow down on everything from bison to goat "to get ideas" for Greenspan's restaurants in Los Angeles. The show is set to premiere in November.

Next up is the Kickstarter-funded show Chug, which the press release notes features host and "drinkaloguer" Zane Lamprey visiting "an array of exotic and boozy locations" around the globe including Austria, Fiji, and Australia. As he travels, he will sip drinks specific to the region and will break down where the ingredients in each drink come from. The title of the show doesn't just refer to chugging beer but is also a reference to trains, which will be Lamprey's "primary mode of transportation." Chug is slated to premiere this Fall.

According to Variety, the network will also show a docu-miniseries called Eat: Story of Food. It will cover how food "defined human civilization." There is no word yet on when it will debut.

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