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Domino's Charged a Customer $300,000 for a Pizza

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A Domino's location in Wales accidentally charged a man nearly £180,000 ($307,900.00 USD) for just one pizza. According to the Independent, Nathiel Bowell believed he had paid £17.99 ($30.80 USD) for a large cheese pizza but it turned out he had been charged £179,932.32 ($307,891 USD). Turned out the person processing the order had added "the authorization code of 3232 to the amount due." Domino's repaid Bowell two days after the mistake was discovered and Bowell's bank has offered him £100 ($171 USD) in compensation (or enough for about five pizzas) for allowing the charge to go through.

Bowell isn't the only person to feel the pains of having a chain overcharge their cards. Earlier this year, a Del Taco in California mistakenly charged 150 customers thousands of dollars for their orders — one person was charged $2,000 for a soda — thanks to a glitch in the restaurant's computer system.

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