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VOTE: The Hottest Piece of Meat, Round 3: Beef Bracket

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Day three of Eater's Hottest Piece of Meat in America continues. Voting in Round 2 of the Beef bracket is now closed, and beefy favorites like beef ribs and chili are OUT. Only four remain in this bracket, and it's time for some serious battles. Steak (1) vs Meatballs (5). And the terrifying battle of Hamburgers (2) vs Smoked Brisket (6). Polls close 24 hours from now; happy voting:

Poll results

Poll results

Smoked brisket. [Photo: Allen G. / Shutterstock]

Steak. [Photo: Joe Gough / Shutterstock]

Meatballs. [Photo: Dave Crosby / Flickt]

Burger. [Photo: Arne List / Flickr]

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