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The Five Days of Meat on Eater, Day Three

It's day three of The Five Days of Meat. Here's what went down on the local sites.

Charcuterie and Other Dishes

· Triple Threat: Ribeye, Foie Gras, and Marrow at Bavette's [-ECHI-]
· Ponder Waterloo & City's Expansive Charcuterie Board [-ELA-]
·Tear Into Chris Oh's Colombian Ssam at Escala [-ELA-]
· Chris Lusk Talks R'evolution's Best-Selling Charcuterie [-ENOLA-]
· Charcuterie at Olympic Provisions Is All Pork All the Time [-EPDX-]


Interviews and Chef Recommendations

· Salvatore Cracco's 25 Types of Housemade Charcuterie [-ESF-]
· Bradley Taylor, Heritage Livestock, and Gifting Pig Heads [-ECHS-]
· Michael Schlow on Cooking Meat Low and Slow [-EBOS-]
· The Benefits and Challenges of Sourcing Local Meats [-EATX-]
· Cut's Matt Hurley on Where to Eat Meat in Vegas [-ELV-]
· Les Molnar's Favorite Beer-and-Slider Combos [-EDET-]
· Lenny Lighter on Quebec Beef at Moishes [-EMTL-]
· Tails & Trotters' Silverman on Going from Poultry to Pork [-EPDX-]
· Miller's Guild Roasts Meat on a Blazing Infierno [-ESEA-]
· Chefs' Favorite Under-Appreciated Cuts of Meat [-EBOS-]
· Get Zen-Like With Black + Blue's Chef Ryan Gauthier [-EVAN-]
· Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Cuts of Meat [-EBOS-]



· You've Got No Beef With These Meaty Burgers [-EBOS-]
· Where to Eat Barbecue in Atlanta [-EATL-]
· The Ultimate Guide to Boston's Dough-Wrapped Meat [-EBOS-]
· These Are Denver's Best Burgers [-EDEN-]
· Here's What's New in Houston Meat Dishes [-EHOU-]
· 18 Monster Steaks Big Enough to Share [-ELA-]
· 20 Tacos to Try Before You Die in Los Angeles [-ELA-]
· Farewell to Tad's, Manhattan's Last Meat Honkytonk
Where to Order a Steak (That Isn't a Steakhouse) [-EDC-]
· DC Sandwiches That Don't Skimp on the Meat [-EDC-]


Raw Meat, Meat Drinks, Vegetables

· Where to Eat Carpaccio and Other Raw Meat in DC [-EDC-]
· 10 Must-Try Tartare Dishes in Dallas [-EDFW-]
· A Vegetarian's Guide to Eating Out With Carnivores [-ESEA-]
· Can't Handle the Meat: Detroit's Vegetarian Map, Updated [-EDET-]
· 8 Places for Meaty Cocktails in Chicago [-ECHI-]
· Jerkface Jerky, The Butcher, and Other Meaty Beers [-EDC-]

Steakhouse Voting Round 3 7-9-14.jpg


· Vote for Your Favorite Boston Steakhouse [-EBOS-]
· What Is the Best Steakhouse in Chicago [-ECHI-]
· Vote Now for Denver's Best Steakhouse [-EDEN-]
· What's Your Favorite Houston Steakhouse? [-EHOU-]
· Vote for the Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas [-ELV-]
· Hattie B's Has Nashville's Best Hot Chicken [-ENASH-]
· Vote for New Orleans's Best Steakhouse [-ENOLA-]
· Vote Now for Philly's Best Steakhouse [-EPHI-]

· All The Five Days of Meat Coverage [-EN-]