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Bartending Drone Delivers Cocktails Straight to You

Photo: Official Site

A student has created a nifty drone that that acts like a robot bartender. According to PSFK, the Yura can make a person's "favorite beverage and deliver it to the user directly." The drone can whip up anything from cocktails to coffee and is controlled through voice commands or instructions sent via a phone or computer.

Sensory body screens plus a "computer brain" manage the drone's power settings, navigation, and voice commands. According to the drone's description, it comes equipped with a "smart cartridge" that can heat or cool drinks. Plus, the bot can configure the number of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat the user desires.

While drones are not often used to make drinks, they are often used to deliver booze. A hotel in California has flown bottles of champagne to guests using an unmanned drone, as has a wine bar in the Swiss Alps. A Wisconsin brewery even used a drone to deliver beer to fisherman in remote locations. Though the Yura is not commercially available, it is currently short-listed as part of the Top 35 Finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab competition.

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