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Review: The Breslin, New York's Monster Meatery

Daniel Krieger

So I walk into what's likely the only Michelin-starred restaurant to keep a bust of the Schlitz Blue Bull on permanent display — the namesake malt liquor was once served here — and a shaggy haired bartender starts talking to me about meat. It's going to be a good night.

He tells me he's running a lamb chop special not as a main course but as an appetizer, which makes me wonder whether he's got any porterhouse steaks or half-chickens to whet the palate as well. He doesn't, though he's selling an open-face roast beef sandwich as a starter too. His pitch sounded like an antidote to our long tasting menu world where you don't get any bread until course fifteen or red meat until course twenty. And so his pitch was well-received.

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