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VOTE: The Hottest Piece of Meat: Tube Meat Round 2

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Here now, the second round of Eater's Hottest Piece of Meat in America: the Tube Meat Bracket. Round 1 saw the crushing defeat of Corn Dogs (by Kielbasa). Poor Slim Jims (#10) didn't even stand a chance when confronted with the #7 ranked Chinese Sausage. This new round features some heavyweight battles (Bratwurst vs Chorizo, Salami vs Kielbasa). Remember, in the steel-cage deathmatch that is Eater's Hottest Piece of Meat in America, only one can win. Now go vote, you have 24 hours:

Update: This poll is closed but Round 3 is open!

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Boudin [Photo: SFA]

Kielbasa [Photo: Shutterstock]

Bratwurst [Photo: Seph Swain/Flickr]

Chinese Sausage [Photo: Josiah Lau Photography/Flickr]

Salami [Photo: TheDeliciousLife/Flickr]

Chorizo [Photo: photoskate/Flickr]

Hot Dog [Photo: TheCulinaryGeek/Flickr]

Breakfast Sausage [Photo: Shutterstock]

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