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Kinch's Statement on Manresa Fire: 'We Will Be Back'

Chef David Kinch; Manresa Restaurant, Los Gatos, CA
Chef David Kinch; Manresa Restaurant, Los Gatos, CA
Photo: Manresa

Yesterday, after news broke that a serious fire had damaged two Michelin-starred California restaurant Manresa, it was unclear how chef and owner David Kinch would proceed. He told local news crews that he was "devastated." Existing reservations were immediately cancelled, and no future reservations would be taken, per the restaurant's website. Fire crews estimated that a rebuild could take at least five months, and an investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. Today, Kinch reached out to Eater to relay a statement with this assurance: "[W]e will be reopening Manresa restaurant:"

What happened in the early morning hours yesterday was a setback. Manresa was a restaurant but it was much more than that. It is a family to us, one of shared vision, and of the pleasures and conviviality of the table, a gathering place of friends and family to share.

A single fire is not going to change that. We believe our mission as a team and our small contribution to the industry is much larger than this setback. We will be back, not just in this building but in many other ways.

We feel incredibly blessed by the support and love in messages from our local Los Gatos neighbors to our friends and colleagues from all over the world. It has been overwhelming. We are so grateful for the quick response and professionalism of the Santa Clara County Fire Department and the support of the Town of Los Gatos.

There has been speculation about the cost of damages and timing for reopening but we cannot confirm those reports. Rest assured, we will be reopening Manresa restaurant.

You must know that it is your support that will see us through, to re-open better and stronger and to again welcome you, our loyal guests. Thank you.

– Chef/Proprietor David Kinch

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