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Introducing the Hottest Piece of Meat in America Bracket

[Bracket: Eater]

How do you like your meat? Are you into slabs of beef? Big juicy sausages? Do you like your meat spicy? Wrapped in a tortilla, or perhaps a dumpling? Maybe your prefer a little bit of mystery when it comes to meat and veer towards spam, or you like the elegance of a nice duck confit?

In honor of the Five Days of Meat, Eater is going to settle this debate and determine, once and for all, the Hottest Piece of Meat in America. And you get to help: all week long, you'll get the opportunity to vote for your favorite piece of meat in four brackets: Pork, Beef, Sausage, and Smörgåsbord. Spam versus foie gras? McRib versus meatloaf? Bulgogi versus pastrami? Tune in every day to vote. There are no rules here, just meat.

Update: We have a winner.

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