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Watch David Chang Discuss Failure in Notes From a Kitchen: Volume 3

Here's an exclusive preview of photographer Jeff Scott's upcoming Notes From a Kitchen: Volume 3. The series takes an inside look at the creative process of chefs through their notes and through documentary-style photography, and in this preview New York City chef David Chang takes Scott inside his Momofuku Culinary Lab. Concerning creativity, Chang tells Scott in the preview: "You have to embrace failure. You have to sort of be attracted to it. It's a very daunting task, and it takes some time. It's almost sick and twisted and warped to think about it that way...but it's the only way you learn."

Eater can also exclusively announce that NFAK 3 is available for pre-order now, and will be released in September. The book is a massive 768 pages; other chefs involved include Dominique Crenn, Joshua Skenes, Alex Stupak, Vinny Dotolo, and more. Check out an earlier preview of the book here, or take a look at the first two volumes.

Video: David Chang in Notes From a Kitchen: Volume Three

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