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VOTE: The Hottest Piece of Meat, Round 1: Beef Bracket

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Beef is the king of meats, and this category boasts some heavy hitters: burgers. Steaks. Barbecue brisket. Chili. How are you supposed to choose? Here now, in the first round of Eater's Hottest Piece of Meat in America: the Beef Bracket. Polls close 24 hours from now; happy voting.

Update: Voting is now closed, but here's Round 2.

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Poll results

Smoked beef ribs. [Photo: endeavor / Shuttterstock]

Smoked brisket. [Photo: Allen G. / Shutterstock]

Corned beef. [Photo: Paul Cowan / Shutterstock]

Pastrami. [Photo: Louella938 / Shutterstock]

Cheesesteak. [Photo: Marcie Fowler - Shining Hope Image / Shutterstock]

Steak tartare. [Photo: Lisovskaya Natalia / Shutterstock]

Steak. [Photo: Joe Gough / Shutterstock]

Bulgogi. [Photo: richardernestyap / Shutterstock]

Rocky Mountain Oysters. [Photo: ArtBitz / Shutterstock]

Nachos. [Photo: Hywit Dimyadi / Shutterstock]

Meatballs. [Photo: Dave Crosby / Flickt]

Chicken fried steak. [Photo: Krista / Flickr]

Beef fajitas. [Photo: TownePost Network / Flickr]

Sloppy joe. [Photo: alicehenneman / Flickr]

Burger. [Photo: Arne List / Flickr]

Chili. [Photo: rpavich / Flickr]

Spare ribs. [Photo: Larry Hoffman / Flickr]

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