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The Five Days of Meat Across the Eater Universe, Day One

Today was the first day of The Five Days of Meat on Eater, so here's a quick recap.

Eater Specials:

· Try These Special Meaty Dishes and Drinks [-EBOS-]
· Behold the Epically Meaty 'Ultra Burger' Special at Dusek's [-ECHI-]
· Bask in Cecconi's Special Roasted Porcetta This Week [-ELA-]
· Six Special Meat Treats For You to Eat With Abandon [-ENY-]
· Behold the Meat Stack, an Off-Menu Eater Special at Carnita's Snack Shack [-ESD-]
· Try Granville Moore's Bacon Brownie This Week [-EDC-]
· Quench Goes All Out With a Fat Elvis Waffle [-EDC-]


Eater Interviews:

· Prezza's Anthony Caturano on Hunting [-EBOS-]
· M.F. Dulock's Jesse Hassinger on Alternative Grilling Cuts [-EBOS-]
· Jason Houser, Meathouse Butcher Shop [-ECHS-]
· Carnevino's Jason Neve Talks 240-Day Dry-Aged Riserva[-ELV-]
· Romados After the Fire and 20 Years of Chickens [-EMTL-]
· Four Months In With NOLA Smokehouse's Rob Bechtold [-ENOLA-]
· Portland Meat Collective Founder Camas Davis on the Wild World of Butchery [-EPDX-]
· So Who Orders the Wagyu Flights at BLT Steak, Anyway [-EDC-]


Restaurant News:

· Gunshow's Andreas Muller Named Chef de Cusine of Kevin Gillespie's Forthcoming Terminus City Barbecue [-EATL-]
· La Barbecue Will Move to Good Life Food Park in August [-EATX-]
· The Tattooed Moose Expanding to Johns Island [-ECHS-]
· Hamburger Hamlet Rising From the Dead in Sherman Oaks [-ELA-]
· The Halal Guys Are Suing A Copycat Food Cart [-ENY-]


Charcuterie and Other Dishes:

· Paul Qui's Dinuguan at Qui, Step by Step [-EATX-]
· Boston Chefs on the Meatiest Dish They've Ever Eaten [-EBOS-]
· Alon Shaya on Domenica's Impeccable Salumi Program [-ENOLA-]
· Perbacco's Staffan Terje Breaks Down His Salumi Plate [-ESF-]


Eater Guides:

· Boston Bartenders Recommend Charcuterie Pairings [-EBOS-]
· Bacon Index: Want Bacon on That Burger? Here's How Much It'll Cost [-EDFW-]
· The Best Michigan Meat Events for Summer and Fall [-EDET-]
· How to Break Down a Hog With Revival's Morgan Weber [-EHOU-]
· 11 Places to Eat Brazilian Barbecue in Los Angeles [-ELA-]
· Eight Old-Fashioned NYC Butcher Shops Worth Visiting [-ENY-]
· Mapping Eight Killer Seattle Butcher Shops [-ESEA-]
· Where to Order Steak Frites Around DC [-EDC-]



· Nominate Your Favorite Boston Steakhouse [-EBOS-]
· What Is the Best Steakhouse in Chicago, Round One [-ECHI-]
· What Are Denver's Best Steakhouses? [-EDEN-]
· What's Your Favorite Houston Steakhouse [-EHOU-]
· Round One: Vote for the Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas [-ELV-]
· Nominate Your Favorite Philly Steakhouse [-EPHI-]
· Which Local Burger Chain Is Best [-ESEA-]

· All The Five Days of Meat Coverage [-EN-]