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How the U.S. Air Force Orders Pizza

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What happens when U.S. military personnel who live on a nuclear bunker want to order pizza delivery? It's possible, but challenging, according to an NPR report. "[T]he men and women who keep the proverbial finger on America's nuclear button are actually a bunch of foodies." One nuclear launch officer tells Brumfiel that he likes to to snack on "mozzarella sticks, french fries, and purple Kool-Aid" when on duty. Lucky for them, their missile base in Nebraska has a chef who can make everything from grilled cheese to grilled chicken tacos.

But what about pizza? They order it from a restaurant ten miles away with a "phone they have in the bunker." Because they can't exactly leave the base to go pick it up, outside security is responsible for making the delivery. And security always wants a slice or five, so the key is to make sure to "order pizza for everyone on site," otherwise your order "won't make it past the blast door." Perhaps the U.S Air Force should deploy pizza delivery drones like the ones used at pizzerias in Mumbai and Russia.

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