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First Look: Andrew Zimmern's New Cookware Line

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Photo: Facebook/Instagram

Chef and long time host of Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern has been teasing out a new collaboration with Chef's Catalogue. In a few instagram posts, Zimmern offered sneak peeks of branded cookware and a set of cleverly named spice blends. In a promotional video for the line, Zimmern says the kitchenware represents "the sum total of 30 years of life experience that I have not only in the kitchen, but traveling and seeing the coolest, slickest, and most amazing gadgets and techniques... Food is great. Food with a story is better; food with a story that people haven't heard about is best of all." The Chef's Catalogue partnership includes eight new products, and Zimmern hints that several products "meld" the design elements of Japanese, Chinese, and French cutlery into items like a "one-knife-fits-all piece of kitchen magic."

As Zimmern mentioned in a tweet, he's been working on the spice blends project for a year, resulting in a set of blends with the names Flex Your Mex, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Grill Buddy, and Oh La La Poisson. ("Incorporating elements as they do in other cultures in a seasoning mix allows American to up their game and at a price point that can't be beat," Zimmern extolls in the video.) Reps for Zimmern confirm that the chef's new kitchenware and spices will be on sale this upcoming October. This news follows the announcement last week that chef Thomas Keller was partnering with All Clad on a new line of cookware this year. See photos of Zimmern's new merchandise below.

An olive wood spoon and spatula set that is hand-carved in Tunsia.

A heavy stainless steel sarten or skillet, made in China.

A tagine, or ceramic roaster, sculpted by hand in Italy.

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