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Jet Skis Are One Pizzeria's Delivery Method of Choice

A restaurant in Northern Michigan is now offering pizza delivery via jet ski. According to Up North Live, the owner of Long Lake Grocery, Nick Ferrugia, noticed a traffic jam across the street at a "public beach dock": Boats would line up at the dock to get pizza, so Ferrugia figured there was a better way to get pizza to people on the boats. He had a friend make him a "custom pizza holder" for the back of his jet ski that can hold up to six extra-large pizzas.

For a $3 fee, Ferrugia will not only deliver to a house or boat dock, but will deliver to boats on the water even though he has to get off the jet ski to get the pizzas from the back. He tells Up North Live that the jet ski can go as fast as 60-65 miles per hour but he tends to only go around 20 miles per hour so that the "pizzas aren't too jumbled."

A rep for the restaurant tells Eater that they started the service just a few weeks ago, and even though they only do jet ski deliveries Friday through Sunday, it's been a big hit. Ferrugia also finds the process to be "fun" and is even considering "using his snowmobile for delivers in the Winter." Sounds way more entertaining than having a pizza delivered via unmanned drone. Go, watch the local news story:

Video: Jet Ski Pizza Delivery Making a Splash

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Long Lake Grocery

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