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Wendy's Is Closing All of its Locations in Russia

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Wendy's will shut down its eight locations in Russia. Bloomberg writes that this is due to a "change in the local franchisee's management." Wenrus Restaurant group was slated to open 180 Wendy's outlets across by 2020. A spokesperson for the chain told Bloomberg that new leadership at the company "has not expressed interest in Growing Wendy's business in Russia, nor have they shown that they have the resources to successfully operate the existing restaurants on a long-term basis." Four locations have already been closed and the remaining four are are expected to shutter in just a few weeks.

While the Wendy's spokesperson insisted that the decision had "nothing to do with politics," American fast food companies have been facing tough times in Russia as of late. Ever since the Obama Administration placed sanctions on Russia to discourage President Putin from continuing his assault on Ukraine, local health inspectors began accusing McDonald's of "wrong-doing." A watch dog agency filed a lawsuit against the American burger chain, and demanded that they remove many of their menu items including cheeseburgers and milkshakes, and have called for McDonald's to shut down. Fast food, more than any other
U.S. import, continues to be a symbol and scapegoat abroad.

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