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Watch Clips From the Dumb Starbucks Saga on Comedy Central's Nathan for You

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Remember that Dumb Starbucks parody that took over a storefront in Los Angeles and had people scratching their heads for days? It was indeed a combination art project and comedy skit put on by comedian Nathan Fielder in advance of the second season of his Comedy Central show Nathan for You. The episode in which Fielder unveils Dumb Starbucks to the world is now online and it is just as ridiculous as the live scene that unfolded in Los Angeles this past February.

When prospective customers/guinea pigs first walked into the shop looking confused, Fielder was honest about his intentions and lack of Heath Department approval: "We don't want any of our customers to get sick, but if they do, technically that is part of the artistic experience." Fielder also does an awesome job of hiring staff, and don't miss the confrontation between the comic and the manager of a nearby Starbucks. Go, watch:

Video: Nathan For You - Dumb Starbucks - Becoming a Parody Artist

Video: Nathan For You - Dumb Starbucks - Hiring Staff

Video: Dumb Starbucks: Open for Business

Video: Nathan For You - Dumb Starbucks - Legal Advice

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