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Walmart Boldly Keeps Adam Richman as a Spokesperson

Photo: fanofretail/Flickr

TV host Adam Richman is still somehow a pitchman for Walmart following his recent tirade on Instagram where he called a commenter a "c*nt" and told another to essentially commit suicide. According to Ad Age, two commercials featuring Richman continued to air on Wednesday and that "Walmart has run content featuring Mr. Richman on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere." The mega-retailer's YouTube channel still prominently features the TV Host.

Earlier this week, Travel Channel pulled Richman's new show Man Finds Food, which was set to debut July 2. While the channel said it was due to a "scheduling change" the move came shortly after Richman's awful social media antics. The TV host had posted a photo to Instagram last month featuring the controversial hashtag "#thinspiration" which is often linked to pro-eating disorder messages. As people expressed their disapproval towards his use of the term, Richman furiously fired back with many obscenities, insults, and even told one commenter to "grab a razor blade and draw a bath."

When Ad Age asked a Walmart representative if "the controversy would result in any change in the retailer's relationship" with Richman, they replied, "We don't have anything to share at this time." Walmart's silence is surprising considering that the retailer quickly dropped disgraced food personality Paula Deen after she admitted to using the N-word in a deposition.

It looks as though Travel Channel may soon cut ties with Richman: CNN writes that Travel Channel confirmed to them that his new show has been "postponed indefinitely." However, the team behind Man Finds Food has fired back on Facebook asking people to "disregard" the CNN article.

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