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Family of 3-Year-Old Girl Refuses to Take KFC's Money

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Victoria Wilcher, KFC
Victoria Wilcher, KFC
Photos: Victoria's Victories/Facebook, Chrishys

The Mississippi family that falsely claimed that 3-year old Victoria Wilcher was asked to leave a KFC because her scars were disturbing customers says that they will not take the chain's $30,000 donation. KFC had announced that regardless of the outcome of their investigation into the incident, it would donate money to a fund in support of the little girl's medical expenses. According to the Clarion-Ledger, Wilcher's family is maintaining that their story is true even though KFC recently concluded that there was "no evidence" that the incident occurred. However, the family's attorney tells the paper, "With everything that's happened, we just didn't feel right about accepting their money."

Though they refused KFC's donation, the family has accepted a doctor's offer of free plastic surgery for Wilcher. They will also still use the more than $100,000 they originally received via fundraising site GoFundMe.

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