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A Live Chicken Was Rescued Outside a KFC

Photo: Scottish SCPA, Ewan-M/Flickr

Today, in ironic news: A live chicken has been rescued from a KFC in Scotland. According to the Courier, a large brown hen — whose breed is commonly used "for commercial egg production" — was found roaming around outside of the fried chicken chain. She was then picked up by the Scottish SPCA. The hen, which the SPCA named Peggy, is missing many feathers and "isn't in great condition."

An animal rescue officer tells the Courier that no one knows yet how Peggy ended up there but that "she could have strayed from home…[or] she may have been abandoned." The officer promised that there is "no chance" the hen will ended up in KFC's deep fryers (if only they could promise the same with hand towels): "We'll look after Peggy and find her a loving new owner if she can't be returned home."

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