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The 11 Most Explosive Grilling Disaster Videos

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Before you head off for your weekend of sunburns, looking for parking spots at the beach, and waiting for fireworks, please enjoy this cautionary tale from your pals at Eater. There's really nothing like a summer barbecue (and beer) to bring out the idiot in everyone, so here now, in order from purposeful lighter fluid explosions to potential injury, the best barbecue disaster videos we could find. Happy Independence Day, America. And remember: where there's smoke, there's inevitably some dumbass willing to pour an entire bottle of lighter fluid on it. Do not try this at home.

11: Fanning the Flames

10: Smoked Sausage?

9: Setting the House on Fire

8: It's Like the Olympic Flame in Here

7: How Not To Light A BBQ

6: This Be Fire Bitches!

5: Fred Allume un Barbecue

4: Put Another Container of Lighter Fluid on the Barbie!

3: Fireworks in the Grill

2: "I Think He's One of Those Guys Who Feels Like He Can BBQ Anything."

1: Watch Out For Falling Debris

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