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Bartender Sets a Man's Face on Fire With a Flaming Shot

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A bartender at Naktinis Tbilisis, a club in Lithuania, accidentally set a patron's face on fire while making a flaming drink. According to Fox News, the man had ordered a Flaming Lamborghini which features "a combination of Sambuca and Kahlua, set alight and downed quickly through a straw while it's still on fire." A video of the incident shows that many patrons rushed to the man's aid, but it appears as though the staff just kept serving.

Lithuanian news site (translated) writes that the club's owner, along with the bartender who made the drink, visited the man in the hospital where he was being treated for burns to his face and his ears. The owner also "promised to pay the cost of treatment." According to Lyras.It, the burns should "heal pretty well but the doctors are unsure of whether or not the scars will fade or if he will need plastic surgery. The man was apparently completely sober at the time of ordering the drink. Go, watch:

Video: Bartender Sets Customer Face Alight

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Naktinis Tbilisis

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