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Look Out: Yelpers Can Now Post Videos in Their Reviews

Photo: Yelp via Business Insider

Yelpers can now add director to their resumes — alongside professional writer, photographer, and food critic — thanks to a new video feature on the review app.According to Yelp's blog, mobile app users can officially add three to 12 second videos to restaurant reviews, a feature that was hinted at earlier this year. These videos are supposed to "better capture those details that photos alone can't," such as a restaurant's ambiance, and are not supposed to be "video reviews" (phew). Though it's likely that Yelpers will find a way to turn these 12 second clips into lengthy diatribes about their meal.

No doubt this new feature will anger even more chefs as a growing number have already begun to ban food photography and mobile phones altogether. As mentioned earlier this year, adding video clips raises some concerns: It encourages "live reviewing" which means that users which means that users may not take the time to think through their critiques before posting them. The video feature is currently available on iPhones only, but will be available on Android soon.

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