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Here's the Cover of Lucky Peach #12: The Seashore

Here now, the cover of Lucky Peach's twelfth issue, entitled The Seashore, because summer is almost over. The newest issue of the cult-favorite quarterly food journal — with cover art by Robert Beatty — will be released to the public on August 19.

A description on the magazine's website says that the issue will be "all about food from littoral realms—the spaces where land meets sea." Sounds tasty, right? Articles include a story about gathering seaweed off the California coast and one on harvesting honey in the Bangladeshi Sundarbans. Anthony Bourdain returns to reminisce about an old beach town. Eater's own Senior Critic Robert Sietsema taste tested every clam on Long Island — and survived to write about it. There's a story on diving for abalone and another that goes behind the scenes at an Indonesian shrimp farm. This issue includes a special bonus: a detachable sixteen-page Beach Reads comic book featuring artists and writers Jason Jägel, Tony Millionaire, and others.

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