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McDonald's Japan Unveils Tofu Nuggets

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Photo: McDonald's Japan

McDonald's is launching a tofu version of its popular Chicken McNuggets at locations across Japan. According to McDonald's Japan website, they are called Tofu Shinjo Nuggets and will available starting this Wednesday. A spokesperson for the chain tells the Wall Street Journal that the nuggets do not have any chicken and are made from soybeans, onions, carrots, and "minced fish." The nuggets, which are a "bit softer" than the chicken version, will be served with a ginger sauce.

While the spokesperson promises WSJ that McDonald's Japan had plans to introduce the tofu nugget before the recent expired meat scandal is China, the timing is serendipitous. It was revealed last week that a Chinese meat supplier that provided Japanese McDonald's locations with 20 percent of the meat for its chicken nuggets had been reselling meat past its expiration date. These tofu nuggets will be manufactured in domestic factories and will retail for ¥249 ($2.44 USD) for a box of four pieces.

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