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Watch Pizza Expert Scott Wiener Judge Frozen Pizza

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Scott Wiener, the founder of Scott's Pizza Tours and a pizza competition judge, agrees to blindly judge frozen pizzas for BuzzFeed, and unsurprisingly, the results are not great. Frozen pizzas from Trader Joe's, California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno, and more are alternately described as "heinous," "gummy," and in the case of CPK, simply with nervous laughter.

But a couple surprises emerge. Wiener doesn't hate the offering by Ellio's ("I'm kinda into it"), and a gluten-free option by Trader Joe's, which (finally) offers cheese drag and a "very robust sauce," emerges on top. It's a tepid recommendation, though: "This one was kinda nice. It tasted okay." Go, watch:

Video: Frozen Pizza Reviewed By Pizza Expert

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